Cuban Freedom/Cuban Blood


Tensions Rise as More Flee Cuba for U.S. – New York Times This story is truly heartbreaking. The need to control our own borders is self evident, but so is our need to promote freedom in the western hemisphere. Between those two needs is the Coast Guard which, if this article is accurate, has engaged in practices which demand investigation and explanation. A dark cloud is forming over South America with the Chavez presidency in Venezuela and coca farmer Evo Morales as the leading candidate for the presidency of Bolivia. How we deal with our neighbors in this region has at least as many implications for our long term security as how we deal with Africa which gets much more attention.

I also find myself considering my feelings about Mexican illegal immigration in light of the Cuban situation. I make no apology for wanting to defend our border with Mexico against illegal incursions for all the obvious reasons. However, I’m finding that my sympathies toward the people who want nothing more than to build a better life for themselves and their families compel me to consider a different approach for dealing with Mexico.


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