Immigration – Part 1 of several


For most of human history, immigration has been a fairly informal process. You don’t like where you live, so you pack up your things and go elsewhere (Sam Houston’s famous parting shot to the Tennessee legislature comes to mind “You may go to hell, and I shall go to Texas”). Some peaceful cultures were by their nature so nomadic that they were never really associated with any one geographic area small enough to be a modern nation (the Rom being a classic example in Europe). Historically, migrations have often been quite beneficial to the destination land.

The primary difference between then and now is the potential harm that can be caused by a single miscreant. One example that establishes the point is the case of the so called Millennium Bomber, al Queda terrorist Ahmed Rassam, who attempted to smuggle a carload of explosives into the US as part of a plot to blow up Los Angeles International Airport. Rassam attempted to enter the US from Canada, but could have been coming in from Mexico or by small boat anywhere on the coastline just as easily. Had he been successful in his scheme, many lives might have been lost and serious damage done to one of the country’s major air hubs.

For this reason, if for no other, it is imperative that we improve our border security and review our immigration policies with an eye toward improving our country economically and exporting our values to other parts of the world. More to follow…


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