What George Bush has done right


Liberated Afghanistan: The country had been controlled by a Taliban government so repressive that they destroyed historical artifacts simply because they were deemed offensive. This country has a long and complicated history of interaction with America, and unfortunately we pretty much dumped them after the fall of the Soviet Union when they were of no immediate use to us. Hopefully, we can atone for that sin by continuing to help build a stable government and encouraging a more open society. Given the nature of American electoral cycles, I have no confidence of this whatsoever but I do have hope.

Ended the reign of Saddam Hussein: However history may judge the 16 words, the administration’s analysis of intelligence, and the president’s judgement in the conduct of this operation; one fact cannot be escaped. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein in power. He was a destabilizing influence in a region that had no need of less stability. He supported our enemies and his military continued to wrestle with our forces in the course of enforcing the no fly zones which were left from the so-called ‘good’ Gulf War when Bush the elder put forth a tremendous coalition to oppose Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and did nothing. We were already there and had been there since 1992. The invasion of 2003 was not a new war as much as the proper resolution of the last one. For those of you jumping up and down with glee and talking about how it would be different if the Republicans hadn’t stolen the election both times I have three words: Kosovo, Bosnia, and Somalia.

The courts: The nomination of Harriet Miers was a national embarrassment. Ms. Miers is undoubtedly a fine woman but she erred in accepting the nomination just as Bush erred in proferring it. Roberts and Alito were excellent choices, and a number of his apellate court nominees have also been outstanding.


One Response to “What George Bush has done right”

  1. DKasler Says:

    While I’m far from being a Bush “Fan boy” I definately think Bush has done enough things right to consider him a good president. I can’t understand why people feel they have to be so hateful.

    Don’t even get me started on Alan Hevesi…

    Anyway.. Good post. It’s nice to see people reflecting on the positive.

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