Why I Blog


Received my first comment from an unsolicited reader today (my loyal and longsuffering wife having offered numerous comments). Following a thought raised in private dialogue, it occurred to me that I should elaborate on why I'm investing the time in doing this.

Part of the answer is a variation on Edmund Hillary's famous response: because I can. I'm a web developer and am constantly amazed and delighted at the opportunities afforded us with computer technology in general and the web in particular.

The larger part of the answer is that I believe very strongly in the freedom of the individual but also the responsibility of the individual to exercise restraint for the good of his fellow man. I'm currently reading an excellent book called What Would the Founders Do? One of the answers is that they would most definitely blog. I believe that blogs are one tool of technology that will help to bring the gathering, dissemination, discussion, and consumption of news back to the personal level with great positive potential for our country.

Many conservatives cry loudly about the 'ivory tower' of the academy. More attention should be paid to the press. They claim to see themselves as tireless defenders of justice whose only responsibility is to truth (which they get to define). I do see them as knights of a sort, but their name is Quixote.

In summary, I blog not because I believe that my ideas will change the world; but because I want to participate in changing the world and carry my small part.


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