What I hate about the Republican party (part 1 of many)


In no particular order, fiscal irresponsibility, lack of leadership, insincerity, cronyism to big business, and a severe lack of backbone. There will be more, but that’s a pretty good start.

Fiscal responsibility is one of the single most pressing issues facing this country as we move toward the end of the baby boom generation. The absolute fraud that is the ‘Social Security Trust Fund’ (which has never existed and was never intended to be from the time that FDR instituted this farce) will be exposed completely in just a few years as the boomers retire and start withdrawing more from the system than they payed in.

The ‘budget’ that the country has been running under since the early sixties has never properly accounted for the unfunded liability of the national pension owed through SS (it actually predates that, but the sixties were the first time of sustained peacetime deficits after FDR’s depression). Note that this time period includes the fabled ‘Clinton surplus’ that the Bush administration is supposed by the left to have squandered.

Outside of the federal government, somebody would be going to jail for this. Inside the federal government, merely reducing the rate of increase below maintenance level for many pet projects of the left results in cries that those cruel Republicans want to give their country club buddies a tax break at the expense of the poor.

The Republicans have failed to effect any meaningful reductions in spending in the six years that they’ve had effective control of Congress and the White House. Shame on them. The bill is going to be enormous on those of us still in the work force for the next thirty years, and it will be worse on our children. The budget is so far out of balance that only severe cuts on many fronts combined with significant tax increases will be able to rectify the problem (assuming historic rates of economic expansion and no significant externalities such as another world war).

In other words, instead of taking the heat to make the cuts necessary to really slow the growth of government these last six years, the Republicans have spent their time trying to outspend the Democrats. This is a losing policy because it bankrupts the country, and the party has gained no friends from doing it.


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