Dallas Cowboys Update


AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are still weeks to go before the season even starts and I’m already sick of hearing about ‘The Cowboys’ (insert Galaxina sound effect here). There was a wonderful time this spring where I went for literally several weeks without hearing about the Cowboys, or Bill Parcells, or Jerry Jones, or even the Dallas Police Department. It couldn’t last of course, but like rain it was nice while it was here. Since about three days after the Mavericks lost the finals of the NBA, it’s been business as usual.

Bill Parcells trimmed his toenails today and one of the clippings was the silhouette of Keyshawn Johnson. The first cousin twice removed of the equipment managers’ adopted daughter said that Jerry Jones told him personally that the team would definitely ….

On the bright side, our massage therapy folks said that their business was dead during the last pre-pre-pre season game; so we’ll take advantage of that for our scheduling needs.


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