Garland: A really $#!**^ town


Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Local News Columnist Steve Blow This is the kind of story that makes me mad as hell. An 80 year old widow living in Garland awoke early one morning to find raw sewage backing up through her plumbing into her home over a foot deep. Her possessions are ruined, and I personally would never want to set foot in the home again. Ordinarily, you’d expect that her insurance would cover this, but you’d be wrong. State Farm, like many other insurers, specifically excludes coverage for this and the city claims governmental immunity despite the fact that the backup was in the municipal sewer main and not on the homeowner’s property.

This columnist has written on the subject twice before, and now notes that the city of Garland is attempting to get federal grant money that is supposed to be earmarked for fixing up elderly homeowners properties that need repair and offering to contribute some money from contingency funds if sufficient volunteer efforts cannot be found to rectify the damage. Color me unimpressed.

I’ll admit that I’ve disliked Garland for years in the way that only former residents can do, but this is despicable behavior and I shall certainly vote with my feet. I will look to other cities for my dining and shopping needs for a considerable time even though they have an excellent new mall that is the closest to my home. I’m also going to investigate suitable coverage for my own home despite the fact that our municipal sewer system is decades newer than Garland’s.

UPDATE: FEMA has a page with information on backflow preventers that can be installed by any competent plumbers. I’m getting one put in next spring.


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