Texas Rangers Baseball Update


After losing three games in a row to the second worst team in the American League, I hereby declare the Texas Rangers to be dead meat in the division race. It is now Oakland’s to lose and I expect the Rangers to finish no better than third in a four team division.

For a season that began with several false starts it’s actually been a fun ride. Michael Young continues to develop as a leader and watching Gary Mathews develop as a player has been very enjoyable. I hate having to write the obituary for this season so soon, but the truth must be observed and that is that this team is less than the sum of its parts.

Last year I said that the Rangers needed to make three personnel moves to improve their chances in the division. Unfortunately those personnel include the owner, the general manager, and the field manager. The general manager has since resigned his day to day activities to concentrate on his golf game and continue cashing the team’s paychecks. The owner, who is still writing checks to a player that he overpaid to come here and ‘traded’ to the Yankees two years ago, is unlikely to leave. The field manager is still a source of hope for me. He’s not really a bad guy, but he hasn’t had a history of leading teams to success personally and I think that he is so fond of his own decision making abilities that the team suffers.


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