DISD Ethics Chief Resigns in Disgrace After ONE WEEK in Office


The Dallas Morning News was tipped off that something was rotten in the administration building, and discovered that the new head of the Office of District Integrity lied on his resume. As professional comics say, sometimes the jokes write themselves. The problem was his claim to be a CPA while knowing full well that his CPA certification had been revoked in 1996 for failure to complete continuing professional education. The irony of the situation is that CPA certification was not a requirement for the position. If he’d simply disclosed the truth about the situation, or not listed the CPA at all, there would have been no problem.

DISD is a gigantic mess and the DaMN ran an excellent series of articles earlier this year chronicling the lack of controls on a credit card program that resulted in millions of dollars of outright theft from the school district. The Office of District Integrity was established to create and manage these kinds of controls and finding the right person to deal with the disaster that is DISD is very important. I guess we’ll just have to keep looking.

As an aside, I read today that the head of HR for DISD was resigning as well due to pressure over laxity in background checks on applicants. Ya think?


One Response to “DISD Ethics Chief Resigns in Disgrace After ONE WEEK in Office”

  1. Tim of Angle Says:

    The major problem is a structural one: People look on government jobs (like government programs) as free money, something that it’s an imposition to be expected to have to work for. Hence government service tends to attract those more interested in getting a paycheck than in working. “It ain’t WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.” That sort of thing.

    This has its roots in the corrupt political machines of the last century but it derives from the common European attitude toward government employment stretching back to the Roman times (and forward into tomorrow, seems like).

    “Good enough for government work” is the attitude that needs to be eradicated before we see any progress of efficiency in this area. (How? Dunno. I’m an idea man; implementation is for engineers.)

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