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A New Cold War

July 31, 2007

Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp | the Daily Mail Wow. This is a vital update on one of the most critical situations in the world today. I’m definitely going to read this guy’s book and you should too.


Immigration – Part 3 of several

July 3, 2007

Now that the capitulatory bill being discussed in the Senate has been dismissed for this term, it’s time to continue a real dialogue on immigration. I offer the following starting points to be elaborated upon at a later time:

  1. Citizenship must be defined by constitutional amendment to inhere from a married parent who is a citizen. Children born in this country to aliens should no longer have citizenship conferred at birth but should be required to go through the application process and be naturalized.
  2. In the age of suitcase sized nuclear weapons, border security is not negotiable. Mexico must behave as if they respect our sovereignty and cease to promote illegal border crossings by publication of maps and other directions for entering our nation illegally. She must also be willing to cooperate with us in establishing policies for screening workers who wish to come to the US seasonally, longer term, or permanently with the intent of pursuing citizenship.
  3. Passports should be automatically issued to all citizens upon achievement of such an age that regular employment is legal. Failure to present a passport as authorization to work should trigger a more rigorous inspection of credentials that are presented.