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Dallas Mavericks – A Work in Progress?

November 28, 2007

Somebody tell me again how we’ve got the best bench in the league? That means that we have enough depth and variety of talent to make a consistent difference in each game, right? That means that we can add instant offense or defense on the interior or the perimeter with simple substitutions, right? That means that we can reduce the workload on Nowitski to keep him stronger, longer…right?

The team started the season playing pretty well without their planned starting center. Then they had a stretch where they didn’t play quite as well but found a way to win. Lately, they just haven’t played very well anywhere. The record’s not bad, but the expectations are a lot higher than not bad. This team needs more consistency out of their starters and primary bench players. Dirk and Devin Harris can’t disappear for long stretches if we’re going to have any chance of competing. Josh Howard has to learn how to play aggressively without getting into foul trouble and how to play in all four quarters. Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse have to find their rhythm more quickly when they’re put into the game.

Dallas lost in the first round last year to a team that was just happy to be there. I’ll take my chances with the 1-8 draw over the 4-5 draw every time.


Trinity River – Fin

November 9, 2007

So they had this election… In another low turnout election, the voters chose to go along with whatever the city leaders decide. I’m not happy with the result, but I am satisfied that the people had an opportunity to make a decision because the plan had changed considerably since the initial vote was taken. The people have spoken and although the vote was relatively close there was a clear majority. I hope that they’re happy with what they get.