Brief Thoughts on 44


As it appears that there are now 31/2 viable candidates for the presidency, it seems useful to give a little thought to the virtues and limitations of each. At this point, I’ve given up hope that we will ever have national elected officials who have a real commitment to reducing the size and scope of federal authority (and the cost of same). This means that I also have no hope for meaningful tax reform, particularly now that the baby boomers are about to start calling in the IOU’s from the Social Security system. I am now reduced to three primary criteria for determination of my vote: defense and foreign affairs, the judiciary, and the upcoming battle for citizenship.

I’ve tried to find a polite way to say this and there isn’t one. Hillary Clinton is at least as conniving and manipulative as her husband and her election would be a disaster for the country.

Barack Obama reminds me a lot of George W. Bush, except that he can speak in public. W disappointed conservatives because there was too much compassion. He disappointed everyone else because there was too much conservatism. Liberals think they want a populist but they don’t; they want an idealogue. Populists want to be popular. That means being where Joe Sixpack is which is very far from where any self respecting blue stater would want to be. Obama would be bad for the country, but he would be sincere which is far more than can be said for Hillary.

John McCain sacrificed more for this country and our way of life before I was in grade school than I ever will. It pains me to say this, but I don’t think he would be a very good president because he would only be sound on one of my three prime criteria. If it comes down to McCain vs. Hillary or Obama, I will vote for McCain because I believe he would be better than either of them.

Now for the 1/2. By process of elimination, I’ve found myself in Mitt Romney’s corner. I have no problem with his Mormon faith. I have known a number of Mormons over a period of years and do not find that their beliefs and practices are necessarily an impediment to good governance. I wish that I had more confidence that his policy positions came from his heart instead of his polling, but McCain’s positions all come from his heart and I don’t support him so nothing’s perfect. So long as Romney fulfills the definition of an honest politician (one who stays bought), I find him the most compelling of the remaining candidates in what has proven to be a very weak year.


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