March 4: A Date That Will… Uh, Never Mind


It’s an interesting feeling to know that the Texas primary will actually have some meaning in the political process this year. We’ve had both of the Democratic candidates wearing out our highways and polluting our atmosphere for the better part of a month now. Who’d thunk it?

Since I can’t have the president that I want because a true conservative isn’t running, I’m left with the decision of how to handle this situation. I can vote for one of two Republican candidates that I don’t care for. I can vote for a third party candidate as a protest, or I can vote in opposition to my least favorite candidate. Wow, that was easy.

I’ve been waffling on this one for some time and have made my decision. I’m voting for Barrack Obama in the Democratic primary. There’s no way in hell I’ll vote for him in the general election, but Hillary as president is by far my greatest fear for this cycle. If my vote can help to push her out of the campaign, then I’m content to live with the consequences.


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