A Great Day


Part of me can’t believe that I really voted for Obama, but I did.  I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life in an attempt to end the candidacy of an even worse Democrat.  It looks like I hit the lottery tonight.

Obama and Hillary will split Texas and Ohio’s delegates, meaning that Hillary will stay in the race and they’ll keep throwing money and energy into beating each other up.  With any luck, they’ll burn through so many resources (both monetary and human) that the party will be drained going into the convention.  If we get really lucky, the politics will be so ugly there that any chance for real unity behind their candidate will be pretty much shot.

McCain no longer has to worry about the nomination, so he can change his focus to prepare for the general election when he will need all the rest that he can take now and then some.  My gut feeling is that Hillary would be a much easier candidate to defeat in the general election, but who knows what weaknesses may be exposed in Obama through continued campaiging?


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