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The Horde in Alaska???

August 31, 2008

I want to know the backstory on this one.  The bear skin is great too.  I think we’re really going to enjoy Palin.


Last Word on the Stimulus Package

August 30, 2008

Maybe work safe, but why take a chance?  Enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own abode.

Friends of Abe

August 16, 2008

Great article in the Weekly Standard about an upcoming movie that’s going to be absurdly controversial and hopefully absurdly entertaining as well.  An American Carol will be a full strength fisking of Michael Moore with a plot stolen borrowed from Dickens.   This could be a lot of fun.

…the film follows the exploits of a slovenly, anti-American filmmaker named Michael Malone, who has joined with a left-wing activist group ( to ban the Fourth of July. Along the way, Malone is visited by the ghosts of three American heroes–George Washington, George S. Patton, and John F. Kennedy–who try to convince him he’s got it all wrong…


August 13, 2008

The Rangers have just lost a ballgame in which they scored 17 runs.  That’s right.  17  Grammatically, I can use 17 instead of seventeen.  That’s how crazy this is.

Let’s think about this for a minute.  How can you lose a game in which you score 17 runs?  You can give up four (4) grand slams and still win a game in which you score 17 runs.  You can give up two runs each inning for the first eight (8) innings and still win a game in which you score 17 runs.  You can have three of your pitchers give up five runs each and still win a game in which you score 17 runs.  If you prefer, you can have five of your pitchers give up three runs each and still win a game in which you score 17 runs.

Can we please stop talking about a playoff run for this team now?  I love these guys, most of ’em anyway, but the pitching just isn’t there.

Obama’s Excellent Adventure (Our Bogus Journey)

August 12, 2008

Step right up and watch as the Great Barack waves his majic liberal wand and reveals…a tax bribe for the elderly that even his own supporters think is a bad idea.

The campaign also says the plan would relieve millions of older people from having to file complicated tax returns.

Hey, I’ve got an idea!  How about if the rest of us don’t have to file complicated tax returns either?  What if instead of pandering to the most consistently affluent demographic group you set a goal to simplify the income tax system for everyone (cue Beach Boys)?

J-22 Midwinter Regatta: Rush Creek Yacht Club

August 11, 2008

It was a windy day with fairly harsh light in the mid afternoon when I was taking these pictures. If I’ve gone to the trouble of going somewhere with the camera, I tend to want to take a lot of pictures and sort them out at home. I took 462 that day and had quite a few that I’m happy with. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D-50 body and 55-200 mm Nikon lens.