Doing my part for Global Warming


Yep, that’s ‘Green Roy’ to you from now on.  My plan to combat global warming has begun (and I don’t even believe in global warming).  It goes something like this: Cause hell to freeze harder than than Hillary staring down Bill in a sexual harassment seminar.  Tough assignment, but I’m on the job.

How, you coyly enquire?  I’m pleased and proud to report that as of 9 p.m. tonight I’m now a credentialed member of the media.  That’s right folks; starting this week I’ll be working my electronically stained fingers to the bone to ensure that no parent of a child in the Rockwall ISD athletic program at the high school level need ever fear going an entire season without seeing their beloved offspring immortalized in the free newspaper with the highest circulation in the smallest county in Texas.


One Response to “Doing my part for Global Warming”

  1. DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Doing my part for Global Warming Says:

    […] Roy decides to hop aboard the bandwagon. […]

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