Wisdom from Siberia


Reading all the stories about high achievers considering the John Galt approach reminds me of a story from the book Mig Pilot written about the experiences of the Soviet fighter pilot Viktor Belenko who defected in a MiG 25.  During his college years, he worked in a manufacturing facility in Siberia where everyone showed up to work and basically went through the motions until the temperature fell to a point where the machinery had to be shut down, then the serious drinking started.  One day he asked a senior worker who was incredibly skilled why he didn’t work harder to improve the country.  The older man allowed that he could probably produce his entire quota of work in two hours but that doing so would only bring a higher quota.


2 Responses to “Wisdom from Siberia”

  1. Tim of Angle Says:

    And we’re on our way there. Change you can believe it.

  2. Oh, bother Says:

    Hence the saying, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us,” from the Soviet Union to a workplace near you!

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