Arlen, a spectre no more.


With a nod to Mark Twain, the difference between the Republicans we want and the Republicans we have is the difference between spine and supine.  I live in the district of the most liberal Republican in the Texas delegation to the House of Representatives.  Ralph Hall’s lifetime ACU rating is 83.47 which I can live with because I know that he really is a man of principle and four out of five ain’t bad.  Snarlin’ Arlen has been in the Senate as long as my congressman but has a lifetime ACU rating of 44.47 which doesn’t cut it.  Two things are worth a mention as asides.  Ron Paul, also a Texas congressman has a worse ACU lifetime rating than Hall, but only by two points and he is a self proclaimed libertarian.  And finally, Ralph Hall was a member of the Democratic party until just a few years ago and had by far the highest lifetime ACU rating of any Democratic member of the Texas delegation in Congress, while Arlen Specter had by far the worst lifetime ACU rating of any Republican from Pennsylvania in either house of Congress.  Don’t let it hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’.


2 Responses to “Arlen, a spectre no more.”

  1. Tim of Angle Says:

    The problem with Arlen Specter is that afflicting far too many public officials — this is how they want to make their living, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep so well-paid and powerful a job. And they’ll get on the casting couch with anybody who offers them the money/votes needed to do so.

    The problem with our culture is that not enough people find this objectionable. Everybody in the Ruling Class, and most people outside of it, just shrug and say, “Yeah, no news here.”

  2. sombra1964 Says:

    Donald Rummsfeld es el presidente de MERCK, unico que tiene licencia de LaRoche para fabricar el TamiFlu

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