Obama heckled by GOP during speech: ‘You lie!’ – Yahoo! News


In an extraordinary breach of congressional decorum, a Republican lawmaker shouted “You lie” at President Barack Obama during his speech to Congress Wednesday.

via Obama heckled by GOP during speech: ‘You lie!’ – Yahoo! News.

While I sympathize with the sentiment, I object strenuously to the gentleman’s actions on several grounds.  First  it was unmannerly and uncivilized.  Actions like this are inappropriate at that level of government and should be left to the Democrats who have no shame.  Secondly, it will undoubtedly lead to an escalation of hostilities between members of the parties.  Conservatives need to be strong in their beliefs and firm in their conviction, but we must also maintain a higher standard of behavior than our opponents if we wish to see the level of discourse rise from the sewer of the Cynthia McKinneys of the world.  Finally and most importantly, it was tactically bad.  This is the sort of nonsense that can distract people from the real issues relating to the Democratic health scheme which need to be defeated.  The sycophants in the news media will play this on an endless loop while they beat the Republicans up one side and down the other over this and it will have an effect if done long enough.  The last thing that we need when we’re finally starting to make some headway in the debate is to have someone on our side introduce a distraction of this order.  Rep. Wilson, you should be ashamed of yourself.  I sincerely hope it is only your honor that has been damaged by your actions.


One Response to “Obama heckled by GOP during speech: ‘You lie!’ – Yahoo! News”

  1. J. Wimpee Says:

    Over 50% of Americans believe the President is lying, somebody must say it.
    Shame on you for reporting this as “nonsense”. The truth is never nonsense!

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