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Thanks to Instapundit for linking to an excellent analysis of the ACORN scandals including this gem:

The really disturbing part is how in all three cases the managers of the Acorn offices don’t even bat an eye when the journalist asks about setting up a brothel. Further, they seem to have the logistics and legal tangles of using a brothel to fund a political career already well thought out. I don’t know about you, but if someone ask me how to run a brothel using minors and how to funnel that money into the a political campaign, I would have to stop and think about it for while. The fact that they have the answers already queued up and ready to go tells us one thing…… this is far from the first time they have provided this kind of “assistance”. They know the answers because they’ve been asked them before and they’ve answered them. Repeatedly.

My question is, how did the film makers know what questions to ask?  Did they have inside information from former workers who had left in disgust when they found out about the perversity of the place?  Had they tried other tacks of questions and never found a limit before (possible drug dealers, counterfeit records for illegals, etc.) so they were escalating until they found something to outrageous that they couldn’t fathom its being supported?  I look forward to their film, assuming that that the Peoples Republic of Maryland doesn’t throw them in the klink until Obama leaves office.


2 Responses to “Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive » Three Times is Slavery and Treason”

  1. Shannon Love Says:

    I wondered about that as well. It seems rather bizarre that you could just walk into a place dressed as a stereotypical pimp and get brothel management advice.

    Apparently, there has been a lot of suspicion within the non-profit/charity world about Acorn for a long time. I imagine the journalist started with those suspicions. Since it is a dead certainty that this is far from the first time Acorn has pulled this the journalist most likely heard stories of Acorn helping criminals and decided to follow up with it.

    I have to give them credit. Had someone told me an advocacy group was systematically enabling crimes I would not have believed it even if it was a leftwing organization. I know to many leftists with integrity (used to be one myself) so I just don’t associate them with this kind of failure.

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