Ding Dong…


Republican Scozzafava Drops Out of New York Congressional Race – FOXNews.com.  More on this later, but I’m pleased to hear that the voice of the people is being heard.  If a conservative can run as a conservative and be competitive in New York, then why not elsewhere?  Why do conservatives have to settle for second, third, or worse from the GOP?  I’m going to break out the big stick on a certain local radio host who has been very critical of the Hoffman campaign and those who have chosen to support him, but for now I’m just going to be happy for a little while.


One Response to “Ding Dong…”

  1. Tim of Angle Says:

    The really impressive part is that she saw the train wreck coming and got out of the way. Had she been a Real Democrat rather than just a RINO she would have held on until every last court challenge had ground to a halt. Even the bad Republicans are better than the best Democrats.

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