Apple Wins Again


So my beautiful bride and I were enjoying a refreshing beverage at Starbucks last night and I chanced to see someone using a tablet computer as we were leaving. I asked him if it was an iPad and he replied that it was. He’s a handyman by trade and isn’t comfortable using Windows netbooks, but the iPad is perfect for him and he is using it in his business now with hopes to see better software offerings for the construction industry soon. My thought is that if it’s useful to Joe Sixpack now, these things are going to be flying off the shelves when second wave apps start showing up in force. Win. Big win. Huge win.

In a related note, I saw that the most recent sales figures seem to indicate to some analysts that the iPad demand is affecting sales of iPods. Soooo, you’re selling a $500 device instead of a $200 device and the iPad has secondary sales potential of not only music but also applications? Another win. The hits just keep comin’ in Cupertino.


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