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Op-Ed Columnist – The Fat Lady Has Sung –

February 22, 2010

Today’s entertainment provided by Tom Friedman:

the rise of cable TV has transformed politics in our country generally into just another spectator sport, like all-star wrestling. C-Span is just ESPN with only two teams. We watch it for entertainment, not solutions.

Unless your desired entertainment is to watch C-Span for debates on reforming health care.  There’s plenty of other unintentional humor that makes this worth reading once…once.  chuckles abound here


Ding Dong…

October 31, 2009

Republican Scozzafava Drops Out of New York Congressional Race –  More on this later, but I’m pleased to hear that the voice of the people is being heard.  If a conservative can run as a conservative and be competitive in New York, then why not elsewhere?  Why do conservatives have to settle for second, third, or worse from the GOP?  I’m going to break out the big stick on a certain local radio host who has been very critical of the Hoffman campaign and those who have chosen to support him, but for now I’m just going to be happy for a little while.

Airbrushing out Mary Jo Kopechne by Mark Steyn on National Review Online

August 31, 2009

Airbrushing out Mary Jo Kopechne by Mark Steyn on National Review Online.  Steyn, as usual, cuts to the heart of the matter: “If a towering giant cares so much about humanity in general, why get hung up on his carelessness with humans in particular?”

John Mackey: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare –

August 16, 2009

John Mackey: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare –  Mackey makes a lot of solid points and this is worth reading on its own.  It’s even more interesting when you consider the uproar from the fringe left when one of ‘their’ institutions goes off the reservation.

Can’t you guys read the script?

June 22, 2009

via Obama’s own party worried health plan lacks votes – Yahoo! News. The story is interesting in its own right as further evidence of the fracturing of the Democrat party that is in progress, but we also have one of the true gems of modern AP writing here:

Almost two-thirds say the government should guarantee health insurance for all Americans while half that many think it’s not the government’s responsibility.

Let’s think about that for a nanosecond.  Half of two thirds is…

Silent Plurality??

June 16, 2009

“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group. I saw this on Drudge and had to do a double take.  Look at these numbers carefully, or even casually, and it makes the current situation even harder to understand.  These are the results of self identification of the poll subjects on the political spectrum.

By these numbers, liberalism should be considered a slightly out of touch fringe movement with about 20% total identification of liberal or very liberal.  Conservative and very conservative constitute about 40% of the people.

So why is it that conservatives are on the defensive and the only ideas being discussed in public are those of the hard left?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the national press is about 90% liberal and the academy not much less?

Arlen, a spectre no more.

May 2, 2009

With a nod to Mark Twain, the difference between the Republicans we want and the Republicans we have is the difference between spine and supine.  I live in the district of the most liberal Republican in the Texas delegation to the House of Representatives.  Ralph Hall’s lifetime ACU rating is 83.47 which I can live with because I know that he really is a man of principle and four out of five ain’t bad.  Snarlin’ Arlen has been in the Senate as long as my congressman but has a lifetime ACU rating of 44.47 which doesn’t cut it.  Two things are worth a mention as asides.  Ron Paul, also a Texas congressman has a worse ACU lifetime rating than Hall, but only by two points and he is a self proclaimed libertarian.  And finally, Ralph Hall was a member of the Democratic party until just a few years ago and had by far the highest lifetime ACU rating of any Democratic member of the Texas delegation in Congress, while Arlen Specter had by far the worst lifetime ACU rating of any Republican from Pennsylvania in either house of Congress.  Don’t let it hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’.

Michael Lind (Rhymes with Unhinged?)

December 19, 2008

How to end the South’s economic war on the North | Salon.  You know, sometimes there just isn’t much to say.  Tip of the hat to Reynolds for linking to a fairly profane and quite entertaining Fisking of same.  I would be tempted to say that Salon has performed a valuable national service by pointing out that such idiocy exists among the educated cultural elites, but I’m quite certain that some non-trivial percentage of their readers actually believe some version of this drivel.

The world has never seen such freezing heat – Telegraph

November 17, 2008

via The world has never seen such freezing heat – Telegraph

Failure of auto industry could set off catastrophe – Yahoo! Finance

November 13, 2008

via Failure of auto industry could set off catastrophe – Yahoo! Finance