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Monte Montgomery – An Amazing Human Being

March 12, 2008

Peggy and I saw him again at the Granada last Friday, and he was even better than the first time around.  If you aren’t familiar with Monte, stop reading this post right now and watch him playing Little Wing.  He writes his own material for the most part, but does a few covers as well and this is one of his best.

His style is impossible for me to describe.  He plays an Alvarez acoustic harder than most guys play a Stratocaster, but he isn’t just a hard rocker.  He can go from a whisper to a scream effortlessly and plays so fast and so clean that it almost sounds like a recording.  He doesn’t sound like anyone else and that’s a very good thing.

Catch him in the small venues while you can folks.  If he ever hits the big time, there won’t be a comedown.


Shout Out – Dave Grisman

April 7, 2006

My wife and I had the privilege to hear his quintet perform several weeks ago. The link to his site is under music, and I highly recommend that you go there this moment and see when he’s playing in your town. This is one of the finest jazz quintets I’ve ever heard, and it was one of the two or three best concerts I’ve ever attended. The creativity and joy in this music is an inspiration to anyone who will listen. And on top of everything else, the show lasted for over three hours.