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A Black Conservative on the Future

March 24, 2009

Front page story on the new blog Parcbench has some interesting perspectives about black participation in the conservative movement.

Conservatives must understand and accept that black conservatives (especially those who still identify with the black community) are typically not going to garner 100 percent ACU ratings.  Some may support affirmative action. Some may support comprehensive immigration reform. Some may be more moderate on social issues.

I’m not sure that anyone who supports affirmative action can really be considered conservative, but it’s a discussion I’m willing to participate in. As for immigration reform, I’m in favor of changes that will bring in immigrants who want to be Americans and will make the country stronger and even richer culturally.

while modern day conservatives profess undying love for Ronald Reagan, they are unable to adhere to one of his most basic principles: “If we agree on 80 percent of the issues, then that person is a friend, not a 20 percent traitor”.

This really sums up the totality of the issue though.  Do the Republicans want to settle into the permanent back benchers that they were from 1965 through 1979 or do they want to grow the party and learn how to really lead the political discussion.  Growth means change and not everyone who comes in will have exactly the same opinions as those who are already there.  If they did, they’d have been there already.  It takes time to teach people how to fully open their eyes and minds to the true meaning of freedom and the clock is ticking.  The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll see a spectrum of ideas available in minority communities that goes further than left to far left.


Speaking Truth to Anyone With Enough Sense to Listen

January 22, 2009

If you’re not reading Big Hollywood, consider this your engraved invitation.

Michael Lind (Rhymes with Unhinged?)

December 19, 2008

How to end the South’s economic war on the North | Salon.  You know, sometimes there just isn’t much to say.  Tip of the hat to Reynolds for linking to a fairly profane and quite entertaining Fisking of same.  I would be tempted to say that Salon has performed a valuable national service by pointing out that such idiocy exists among the educated cultural elites, but I’m quite certain that some non-trivial percentage of their readers actually believe some version of this drivel.

Important Books – Thomas Sowell

December 15, 2005

Mind-changing books by Thomas Sowell I love the insight of people who I admire. I’ve just recently finished reading Freakonomics, about which Dr. Sowell said that it doesn’t teach economics as much as critical thinking, which is needed even more.